Thursday, 7 May 2015

This Tool Can Recover OST Files to PST Format

I got a new job recently and I wanted to move my email data I stored with Outlook to my new job from the old one. Unfortunately it was too late when I found out that I cannot open them because they were OST format, which can only be opened by the account it was made with, which was on my old working computer. So I am basically looking for a tool to recover OST files to PST format, so I can read them on my new working computer, since this one can only open PST.
After experiencing failure with several freeware I decided to get paid software. I tried a couple of programs, which were supposed to be the best since they were the most popular and the most used. However, the disappointment was even greater, since the program failed to do what it was supposed to do and I even had to pay for it. To my delight, after testing OST to PST Converter from Gladwev I realized I will not be a victim of false advertising. Gladwev presented exactly the features that the program has, and it even lets you try the program for free before purchase. I paid for exactly what I expected to receive.
·         Appearances. The User Interface is the first thing you notice at any software. In this case, it was dull but very straightforward. The colors were easy to watch and cause no eye strain. The text was also big enough to be easily red but not too big. It actually feels that the interface is designed to enhance not only ease of use but it augments function by integrating in a far better way the new tools.
·         Ease of use. This features goes hand in hand with the design if the interface. The number of tools seems lowered than how they are in reality, but this only makes it simpler. The result is basically a very simple but competent program.
·         Conversions quality. Compared to everything I tried before the difference is as clear as day and night. The recovered files were in perfect shape. At first I was really doubting that a program that is this underrated can do so much more. I was really pleased with the quality of this tool and decided that I will do my part and offer my genuine and positive feedback so others can see.
·         Convertible OST. Actually every kind of file from the OST database can be converted. This includes contacts, calendars, journals, appointments, meetings, everything in fact. It can work with password protected files.
·         Management. You have a variety of ways to arrange your files with the help of OST to PSTConverter. For example, you can sort your data by several categories, like where the email comes from or where you sent it to. You can also sort by size or type of file, even by attachment.
·         Unicode Content. Unicode content is definitely important, because more than half of my emails are not in English and the other programs I tried before would completely
·         Calendars and contacts conversion. This is a nice feature that allows you to merge your OST calendars and contacts to create only one PST for calendars or for contacts.
I must say that I am really glad I found Gladwev and I will definitely check this place first when I encounter any kind of email problem.

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