Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Convert OST to PST Exchange 2010

I was I recently promoted so I had to move to the headquarters of the company I was working for, and I was planning to take my data with me.  We used Outlook for Windows and my intention was to take the data I saved with this program and open it with another copy of Outlook 2010 from my new work PC. Regrettably, I found out later that the files I saved are actually OST, which are used to offline store data. They sound similar to PST, but they aren’t. They can only be opened with the account that you used to create them, which I deleted. I was looking for a way to Convert OST to PST Exchange 2010.
I came across some freeware but they were not good enough. Eventually I decided I should purchase a top rated program, however I was deeply disappointed. Eventually I came across Gladwevs OST to PST Converter, which is sadly much underrated but so much better than those programs considered top notch.
You may understand why I was skeptical after being tricked by those paid software, so I definitely had my doubts when it came to try another program. However, it was a pleasant surprise, the demo version, flawlessly converted 10 files OST to PST Exchange 2010. I did not hesitate to purchase a full version after this amazing feature of ability and quality. Maybe I was too impatient, but I do not regret it not even one bit.

OST to PST Converter was very easy to use. The program seemed so simple that I was having doubts about the price. I eventually realized it was only some sort of illusion created by the beautiful design which implemented extremely complex tools while making them look and feel very simple. From my point of view, this program fits the saying “strong essences are kept in small bottles”.
The converting quality was great as well. I imported my entire OST database and encountered no problems. The files were always kept in best shape possible. The type (contact, calendar, mail or anything else) did not affect the output, size didn’t matter either.
The speed was really high. I was really impressed how it could convert lots data, faster than I could have my breakfast. For me the speed is not really that important, as long as it decent, but it still worked faster than my previous programs.
The company I am working at has 3 official languages, because we are placed somewhat in-between two countries and we have employees from both places, and English is also used. I mention this because my emails contain elements from all of those 3 languages, and safe conversion of those which contain Unicode content is very important. I am happy to say that the results were immaculate every time.
Because I was “scared” by other software before I was determined to be patient with my next software purchase (OST to PST Converter) and how to convert ost file to pst, so I did my research before even downloading the demo version. Apparently it’s an overpriced product, but is actually one of the cheapest of this kind. The top rated program I tried was even twice or even 3 times the price. However, I found out that websites like Apple and CNET support Gladwevs products, so I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed. Even if you still have any hesitation, there is a free trial version which is guaranteed to dispel any doubts.

Friday, 22 May 2015

The Best OST to PST Conversion tool you can get your hands on

Your search is finally over. Gladwev got the solution for you. OST to PST was never easier. This is literally the best OST to PST conversion tool you will ever find. However feel free to purchase other software and waste your money, but you need to know that we offer full assistance before and after purchase. We have hundreds of positive reviews that show that we have a long chain of pleased customers. This is the first guide you will receive for the usage of OST to PST Converter. Keep on reading and receive a genuine insight of the power of this software.
The OST files are similar to PST, but they are only used to offline store data. Also, they can only be opened with the account that was used to create them, so if you tried to move your Outlook Data and forgot to bring your account with you, the use of OST to PST Converter will be needed. When we developed this software we took everything in consideration. Not even the slightest detail got left behind; the conversion quality is extremely high because of that, and no errors made their way here.
With this tool you can move any file from OST to PST, regardless of its type. Emails may be most popular, but the items that are harder to convert are actually the contacts, the notes, journals or calendars, because those have a more complicated configuration than the emails. This amazing OST to PST Conversion tool will take care of any kind of data you have stored as OST.
To have an easier time migrating, and taking care of your files after conversion, we give you now the option to reorganize directly from the OST to PST Converter. You can keep the original hierarchy of the files or you can sort them in several ways, respecting several rules that you choose. For example you can sort your mails by categories like “From” or “To”, “Subject”, “date”, “Type”, or “attachments”.
We optimized this program so it will work extremely fast with extremely low resources, so you can let it convert and then do whatever you want to do and we guarantee your computer will not get slower in any way. It can import up to 60 items in one go.
Since English is not the only language present in your emails, calendars or journals, we added an amazing tool that can convert even the double byte Unicode characters like those who are used in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and many more Asian languages. If we would not be able to convert those successfully then your entire database would get hurt. This is another reason to call this the best OST to PST conversion tool and ost file to pst.
If you have several OST Calendars or Contacts, you can simply merge them to form only one PST Calendars or Contacts files. This feature is useful for better management.

To offer complete insight we also added a demo version. It can be downloaded for free from Gladwevs website and it can be used to recover up to 10 items for every folder (calendars, mails, contacts, journals, etc.)

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Best OST to PST Converter

If you are looking for the adequate tool to convert from OST to PST, we are glad to tell you, that you finally found the right software. Say goodbye to software that do more damage than recovering. OST to PST Converter is one of the most straightforward recovering tools. We made sure that every feature is absolutely necessary and everything is carefully designed so the program is as easy to use as it can be. You will not encounter any problems while using this program. Let us show you why we don’t hesitate to call it the Best OST to PST Converter.
Each OST file is composed out of several elements, and in order to have a correct and genuine conversion we have to carefully consider each feature. Overlooking even the slightest detail may results in a high degree of damage. However, we put in the time and effort to make sure you will never have to face any problem, error or bug with OST to PST Converter.
All OST files can be safely and successfully converted to PST. Emails may be the most important, but the OST database contains contacts, notes, calendars, journals and even more types of files. We can carefully take care of any kind of file, nothing is missed.
To have an easier time after the conversion, we give you the possibility to carefully manage the configuration of your saved files before the conversion starts. You can sort them, or keep their original hierarchy, or choose where to save them. You can sort your email data by several categories. For example arrange by From, To, Size, Date, or attachments. It was never easier to take care of your files.

We know how rushed the world is nowadays, so one of our main goals was speed. We achieved and amazing number of items converted in a given period. You can take and export up to 60 items at a time without failing. This amount of items will be converted in less than a few minutes, and after you are done you can take the next batch of 60.
This program was developed for international use, so Unicode content is a really important aspect. Only 1 billion out of 7 speaks English, so we had to take care of the other 6. To accomplish this goal we made sure that any kind of Unicode symbol will be safely converted by OST to PST Converter.
Having multiple calendars and contacts could make the organization harder. If you want you can merge all OST contacts or calendars into one single PST file. Another thing you need to know about OST to PST Converter, is that it can actually recover partially damaged files.

Actually you can test the program yourself. Go ahead and download the demo version and recover OST files yourself. You can save up to 10 files. Try it yourself and find out why it is called the Best OST to PST Converter.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Recover OST files to any Outlook 2007-2013

Do you need an easy to use but resourceful OST to PST Conversion tool? You finally found the right place. Gladwev is a company development tool very high rated. This is the area where you can purchase genuine and working programs. We will offer you a guide into the inside of OST to PST Converter, and you will see by yourself why there will be no errors during conversions, and why the quality of your files will be always extremely high. Recovering OST files to any the 2007, 2010 or 2013 versions of Outlook. We will teach you how to use this tool at its maximum potential and never have to deal with any kind of problem for the entire OST to PST migration process.
If you didn’t know, the convert ost file to pst file which is used to store offline data. However, to ensure the converter has best results, we had to make sure that we added every feature needed to take care of all of those OST files the way they should be taken care of. Forgetting even smallest details (which other programs did) will result in more than small corruptions; it could even lead to huge and permanent damage.

With OST to PST Converter you can move any file, regardless of its type. The emails are the most popular items from the Outlook database, but actually there can be found more. For example you can find contacts, calendars, notes or journals, all of those are definitely important for those who own them. You can now safely recover any OST file to Outlook 2007/2010/2013.

To have an easier time converting, and taking care of your files after conversion, we give you now the option to reorganize directly from the how to convert ost file to pst file. You can keep the original hierarchy of the files or you can sort them in several ways, respecting several rules that you choose. You can even choose to sort by attachments, destination, recipient, size and more.
Some mails contain more than English letters. Those can contain Unicode content, which is specific for non-English writing characters. Languages like Chinese, Korea, Japanese, Arabic, Thai, and even most of the European countries can contain foreign characters. Without the successful conversion of texts you could not call this program efficient. That’s why we added all features needed to have best results. OST to PST Converter can easily and safely take care of any Unicode letter and keep the highest grade of authenticity of all of your mails.
OST calendars and contacts can be recovered as well. Since they are stored in several OST, you can merge them after conversion. You don’t have to worry about confusions; every file will be easy to manage with ost and pst files.

Hopefully after reading this description you got yourself a general idea of what this software is capable of. The next thing you have to do in order to get the most out of this and eventually decide to purchase the software is actual trial. We have a demo version available for everyone, that can be downloaded for free right now.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

This Tool Can Recover OST Files to PST Format

I got a new job recently and I wanted to move my email data I stored with Outlook to my new job from the old one. Unfortunately it was too late when I found out that I cannot open them because they were OST format, which can only be opened by the account it was made with, which was on my old working computer. So I am basically looking for a tool to recover OST files to PST format, so I can read them on my new working computer, since this one can only open PST.
After experiencing failure with several freeware I decided to get paid software. I tried a couple of programs, which were supposed to be the best since they were the most popular and the most used. However, the disappointment was even greater, since the program failed to do what it was supposed to do and I even had to pay for it. To my delight, after testing OST to PST Converter from Gladwev I realized I will not be a victim of false advertising. Gladwev presented exactly the features that the program has, and it even lets you try the program for free before purchase. I paid for exactly what I expected to receive.
·         Appearances. The User Interface is the first thing you notice at any software. In this case, it was dull but very straightforward. The colors were easy to watch and cause no eye strain. The text was also big enough to be easily red but not too big. It actually feels that the interface is designed to enhance not only ease of use but it augments function by integrating in a far better way the new tools.
·         Ease of use. This features goes hand in hand with the design if the interface. The number of tools seems lowered than how they are in reality, but this only makes it simpler. The result is basically a very simple but competent program.
·         Conversions quality. Compared to everything I tried before the difference is as clear as day and night. The recovered files were in perfect shape. At first I was really doubting that a program that is this underrated can do so much more. I was really pleased with the quality of this tool and decided that I will do my part and offer my genuine and positive feedback so others can see.
·         Convertible OST. Actually every kind of file from the OST database can be converted. This includes contacts, calendars, journals, appointments, meetings, everything in fact. It can work with password protected files.
·         Management. You have a variety of ways to arrange your files with the help of OST to PSTConverter. For example, you can sort your data by several categories, like where the email comes from or where you sent it to. You can also sort by size or type of file, even by attachment.
·         Unicode Content. Unicode content is definitely important, because more than half of my emails are not in English and the other programs I tried before would completely
·         Calendars and contacts conversion. This is a nice feature that allows you to merge your OST calendars and contacts to create only one PST for calendars or for contacts.
I must say that I am really glad I found Gladwev and I will definitely check this place first when I encounter any kind of email problem.