Friday, 22 May 2015

The Best OST to PST Conversion tool you can get your hands on

Your search is finally over. Gladwev got the solution for you. OST to PST was never easier. This is literally the best OST to PST conversion tool you will ever find. However feel free to purchase other software and waste your money, but you need to know that we offer full assistance before and after purchase. We have hundreds of positive reviews that show that we have a long chain of pleased customers. This is the first guide you will receive for the usage of OST to PST Converter. Keep on reading and receive a genuine insight of the power of this software.
The OST files are similar to PST, but they are only used to offline store data. Also, they can only be opened with the account that was used to create them, so if you tried to move your Outlook Data and forgot to bring your account with you, the use of OST to PST Converter will be needed. When we developed this software we took everything in consideration. Not even the slightest detail got left behind; the conversion quality is extremely high because of that, and no errors made their way here.
With this tool you can move any file from OST to PST, regardless of its type. Emails may be most popular, but the items that are harder to convert are actually the contacts, the notes, journals or calendars, because those have a more complicated configuration than the emails. This amazing OST to PST Conversion tool will take care of any kind of data you have stored as OST.
To have an easier time migrating, and taking care of your files after conversion, we give you now the option to reorganize directly from the OST to PST Converter. You can keep the original hierarchy of the files or you can sort them in several ways, respecting several rules that you choose. For example you can sort your mails by categories like “From” or “To”, “Subject”, “date”, “Type”, or “attachments”.
We optimized this program so it will work extremely fast with extremely low resources, so you can let it convert and then do whatever you want to do and we guarantee your computer will not get slower in any way. It can import up to 60 items in one go.
Since English is not the only language present in your emails, calendars or journals, we added an amazing tool that can convert even the double byte Unicode characters like those who are used in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and many more Asian languages. If we would not be able to convert those successfully then your entire database would get hurt. This is another reason to call this the best OST to PST conversion tool and ost file to pst.
If you have several OST Calendars or Contacts, you can simply merge them to form only one PST Calendars or Contacts files. This feature is useful for better management.

To offer complete insight we also added a demo version. It can be downloaded for free from Gladwevs website and it can be used to recover up to 10 items for every folder (calendars, mails, contacts, journals, etc.)

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