Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Convert OST to PST Exchange 2010

I was I recently promoted so I had to move to the headquarters of the company I was working for, and I was planning to take my data with me.  We used Outlook for Windows and my intention was to take the data I saved with this program and open it with another copy of Outlook 2010 from my new work PC. Regrettably, I found out later that the files I saved are actually OST, which are used to offline store data. They sound similar to PST, but they aren’t. They can only be opened with the account that you used to create them, which I deleted. I was looking for a way to Convert OST to PST Exchange 2010.
I came across some freeware but they were not good enough. Eventually I decided I should purchase a top rated program, however I was deeply disappointed. Eventually I came across Gladwevs OST to PST Converter, which is sadly much underrated but so much better than those programs considered top notch.
You may understand why I was skeptical after being tricked by those paid software, so I definitely had my doubts when it came to try another program. However, it was a pleasant surprise, the demo version, flawlessly converted 10 files OST to PST Exchange 2010. I did not hesitate to purchase a full version after this amazing feature of ability and quality. Maybe I was too impatient, but I do not regret it not even one bit.

OST to PST Converter was very easy to use. The program seemed so simple that I was having doubts about the price. I eventually realized it was only some sort of illusion created by the beautiful design which implemented extremely complex tools while making them look and feel very simple. From my point of view, this program fits the saying “strong essences are kept in small bottles”.
The converting quality was great as well. I imported my entire OST database and encountered no problems. The files were always kept in best shape possible. The type (contact, calendar, mail or anything else) did not affect the output, size didn’t matter either.
The speed was really high. I was really impressed how it could convert lots data, faster than I could have my breakfast. For me the speed is not really that important, as long as it decent, but it still worked faster than my previous programs.
The company I am working at has 3 official languages, because we are placed somewhat in-between two countries and we have employees from both places, and English is also used. I mention this because my emails contain elements from all of those 3 languages, and safe conversion of those which contain Unicode content is very important. I am happy to say that the results were immaculate every time.
Because I was “scared” by other software before I was determined to be patient with my next software purchase (OST to PST Converter) and how to convert ost file to pst, so I did my research before even downloading the demo version. Apparently it’s an overpriced product, but is actually one of the cheapest of this kind. The top rated program I tried was even twice or even 3 times the price. However, I found out that websites like Apple and CNET support Gladwevs products, so I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed. Even if you still have any hesitation, there is a free trial version which is guaranteed to dispel any doubts.

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