Tuesday, 21 April 2015

OST to PST Converter Pro for the whole comp

I work at an IT company and some of my colleagues changed their computers. They used Outlook on Windows OS and the issue with this is that some files are saved on the local drive as OST files. Their old computers had to be delivered to another place and we had to find a solution for saving their data sooner rather than later.
            We experimented with a lot of programs that can convert ost file to pst file so that our colleagues can have all messages and data online. Of course the new computers will also use the OST format, but after finding the best program to convert the files that wasn't going to be a problem anymore. 
            We noticed that some of the accounts had corrupted OST files and they couldn't just be converted and moved. These files can be tricky and we needed professional software that can help us recover them.
            We tried so many programs that we even considered making our own. However, that wasn't a viable option so we kept searching. We did a lot of testing because we had to use something that really works. I suppose it's a good thing that other programs failed in the most basic aspects and we didn't waste too much time on them. Then we came across OST to PST Converter Pro by Gladwev. Another tests followed and the demo version certainly helped us verify the performance. The demo is limited, true; but there weren't any options that might not work like the full program or to be locked and impossible to check.
            There's no point in going into details about the testing process, but the verdict was positive. Our company purchased the product and we now have it available for all the computers. Another advantage is the lifetime period.
            It's a good thing that the program works so fast, because we had a deadline, after all. I was impressed by the characteristics of this product and by the amazing results.
§  Multifunctional tool: the software can ost to pst file conversion, while repairing and recovering faulty and corrupted OST files. This allowed us to save all the data and transfer it to the new computers. The program has a special Multi Phase recovery with deep scan and it managed to fix the files and make them usable again. There wasn't any corruption left.
§  High-quality conversion: in this part of the process, there were many things to consider and to watch out for. All the data had to be transferred to PST. This includes messages, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, posts, notes... I really mean everything! Each how to convert ost file to pst file within minutes and this program saved us a lot of time. It has an incredible power of processing, of over 60 files at the same time.
§  Attributes of the conversion process:
1    High accuracy for converting messages. All text was correct, from plain text to RTF and HTML. Also, Unicode support saved us a lot of trouble and it managed to convert all the languages these people use.
2    Preservation of structure. The folders kept the order and the emails within them as well. There was an option to arrange emails by categories. The contacts were saved in a folder and kept separate, so there's no division of contacts. Also, the Outlook Calendar had a folder as well and it retained all the notes and data inserted there.
3    The program didn't mess with the files in any way and we never encountered a single error. That's an excellent factor, because most programs usually can't clean after themselves. We had many conversions to make and it worked better than expected.

            The software could convert OST to PST format in a fast time with the best results. We liked everything about it, especially the fact that we handled it without prior instructions. It certainly is a good tool to have around, because corrupted files are not easy to recover for further use.

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