Thursday, 21 May 2015

Best OST to PST Converter

If you are looking for the adequate tool to convert from OST to PST, we are glad to tell you, that you finally found the right software. Say goodbye to software that do more damage than recovering. OST to PST Converter is one of the most straightforward recovering tools. We made sure that every feature is absolutely necessary and everything is carefully designed so the program is as easy to use as it can be. You will not encounter any problems while using this program. Let us show you why we don’t hesitate to call it the Best OST to PST Converter.
Each OST file is composed out of several elements, and in order to have a correct and genuine conversion we have to carefully consider each feature. Overlooking even the slightest detail may results in a high degree of damage. However, we put in the time and effort to make sure you will never have to face any problem, error or bug with OST to PST Converter.
All OST files can be safely and successfully converted to PST. Emails may be the most important, but the OST database contains contacts, notes, calendars, journals and even more types of files. We can carefully take care of any kind of file, nothing is missed.
To have an easier time after the conversion, we give you the possibility to carefully manage the configuration of your saved files before the conversion starts. You can sort them, or keep their original hierarchy, or choose where to save them. You can sort your email data by several categories. For example arrange by From, To, Size, Date, or attachments. It was never easier to take care of your files.

We know how rushed the world is nowadays, so one of our main goals was speed. We achieved and amazing number of items converted in a given period. You can take and export up to 60 items at a time without failing. This amount of items will be converted in less than a few minutes, and after you are done you can take the next batch of 60.
This program was developed for international use, so Unicode content is a really important aspect. Only 1 billion out of 7 speaks English, so we had to take care of the other 6. To accomplish this goal we made sure that any kind of Unicode symbol will be safely converted by OST to PST Converter.
Having multiple calendars and contacts could make the organization harder. If you want you can merge all OST contacts or calendars into one single PST file. Another thing you need to know about OST to PST Converter, is that it can actually recover partially damaged files.

Actually you can test the program yourself. Go ahead and download the demo version and recover OST files yourself. You can save up to 10 files. Try it yourself and find out why it is called the Best OST to PST Converter.

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