Tuesday, 21 April 2015

OST to PST Converter Pro saved all our problems

OST to PST Converter Pro saved all our problems

            We recently moved to another house and we had to make some home improvements. This situation led to busy and stressful times for the entire family. We had a lot of issues with the Internet connection and with the power supply here at the new house and they caused even more problems. We use our computers a lot and there were some power failures for days in a row. Now, I think it's the best explanation for the problems we have with the Outlook account. The OST files used in offline mode were probably affected, because we can't use them properly. The Outlook account is not what it used to be and we needed a solution.

            We found it in a software program made by Gladwev. The OST to PST Converter Pro is a wonderful program that can not only how to convert ost file to pst file, but it also recovered and repaired the offline files. We truly needed a professional tool to get our emails out of this mess. We didn't know this back then but this program is perfect.
            The OST files were clearly in bad shape, because we couldn't use them. However, the software we bought helped us recover them in no time and we can now sit back and relax, because all our problems are solved. Even the house is ready!
            We had important data stored in the OST files and all the tasks, notes and calendar. We had to make plans for the entire house and the calendar was filled with a lot of critical information. Anyway, the program helped us by repairing the OST files and by converting them afterwards to PST. Thus, we could rely on the data.
            OST to PST Converter Pro is a multifunctional tool and we didn't think it would take so little time to finish the job. How wrong we were! We had more mailboxes to repair and convert. Like I said before, we all use the computer and Outlook as well. The program could accomplish the job very fast and we were anxious to see the result.
            The emails were complete, all contacts were in the proper place and the calendar was completely safe. The Outlook Calendar and contacts were each in a separate folder. All the notes were recovered and we could resume our work on the house without losing or forgetting anything.
            We retrieved even the Excel sheets we had made for the house, lists and any other files kept as attachment such as documents in Word and PDFs. The messages didn't have any anomalies or corruption and were accurate. Every line was right and the non-English parts of the messages were in the same state.
            To convert ost file to pst file was a simple process and we already trusted the program with all that data. There was an impeccable accuracy of the messages and the rest of the content. Each mailbox was done in a few minutes and we are all happy users of this product. All the files were complete and preserved in the process. The program successfully extracted the data.
            There has to be some advanced technology into this program, because it managed to make fast conversions of big files, without a single error or a crash. We are certainly tired of crashes and failures (we now have a working power supply and we hope to keep it that way).
            The multiple migrations from OST to PST files were a positive experience. The software recovered all the data, whether it was crucial at the moment or not. We wouldn't have it any other way. It's a great piece and how to convert ost file to pst is only a piece of its wonderful features.

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