Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Easiest method to move OST in PST in Outlook 2007

OST to PST Converter is a great tool developed by Gladwev Software, and if you bought from Gladwev before, you probably have great expectations about this product too. OST to PST Converter is capable of doing anything you may need when you want to recover your OST files. Sometimes people delete their Outlook accounts or forget to take this information when they move from one computer to another, and realize too late that you cannot open OST files the same way you would do with the PST. The original account used to create them is needed. Since this problem is quite common we took the opportunity and developed a tool for OST in PST in Outlook 2007.
OST is used store data the same way PST does, but for offline use, so for security reasons, to open them you need to use the account that you used to create them, which sometimes cannot be done for several reasons. Developing good software is not easy. Firstly we needed to make sure we take care of every component of the OST to ensure flawless results. This took a lot of time, and after carefully dissecting the components of the OST, we developed the tools to take care of each and every one of them and then implemented them altogether in one light and fresh interface.
Gladwev never fails to please all of its customers.
Everything that you need was implemented in this software, and we don’t hesitate when we call this the best OST to PST in Outlook 2007 software. You can use this tool not only to recover basic OST files but even recover those who are damaged. Both speed and quality are high.
You can even use the tool to organize your files
We added some features that can be used to sort and arrange items. For example you can make them be displayed in a certain order, based by certain rules. Arrange your files by size, attachments, and destination or even by date.
OST to PST Converter flawlessly deals with Unicode content.
Foreign letters are one of the most important characters. While some languages could be understood without their diacritics, others are composed entirely out of such letters, so it’s definitely important to take good care of all of them. Failing to convert such content is not a tragedy, but most software will not simply fail to do so, but they will completely mess up the entire content of your data.
Recover not only emails but calendars, contacts, journals or notes.
Those elements are considered to be of secondary importance after emails. Even so, you should know that OST to PST Converter has highest rate of success while converting every single element that can be found within an OST file. OST Calendars will all be converted into one PST file. The same happens with all contacts, they become one PST.
Try it yourself.
If you still have doubts go ahead and download the free trial version. We actually recommend you to test it even if you already want to buy it. It’s important to make sure that you get exactly what you expect and nothing less.

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